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Making a Career Move in Australia

When in Australia, you will be surprised by how many foreign faces are out there amidst the Aussies. Any guesses why? People from global destinations flock to Australia for seeking jobs; Indians are no exception. The reasons are ample job opportunities, high employment rate, great work culture and a thriving economy. In a word, Australia is one of the best places to work and chart a promising career.

How to Get Work Permit in Australia?

Seek out the best job opportunities by applying for Australia job visa. You can apply for work permit visas in two broad categories, provided you fulfil Australia’s work visa requirements:

  • Skilled Migration Work Visa
  • Nominated/ Sponsored Work Visa

Skilled Migration visas are for foreign individuals who have high skill sets matching the demands of the labour market of Australia. Whereas Nominated Work Visas are for foreign workers who have been nominated or sponsored by an Australian employer or by state/ territory authority or by a government agency of a state or a territory.

You can apply for Australia work permit visa as a temporary visa or a permanent visa.

How to get an Australian work visa from India (or your home country)?

The easiest way to secure a lucrative job is via visa subclass 482 because here you get the advantage of employer’s sponsorship. It is a long-stay visa allowing you to work overseas and come back to your homeland on completion of the job. So, your visa application becomes hassle-free and you need not worry about the funding.

As already stated above, there are two major categories of Australian work visas. Here’s a look into the visa subclasses you can apply for when filing your visa papers.

The subclasses under Common Skilled Migration Visa categories are:

  • Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa)
  • Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated Visa)
  • Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa)

The subclasses under Common Sponsored or Nominated Visas are:

  • Subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage Visa)
  • Subclass 186 (Employer Nomination Scheme Visa)
  • Subclass 187 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa)

There are many other subclasses of visa that can fetch you Australia work permit from India(or your homeland).

Work permit visa categories include:

  • Subclass 489
  • Subclass 132
  • Subclass 124
  • Subclass 188
  • Subclass 400
  • Subclass 401
  • Subclass 403
  • Subclass 416
  • Subclass 417
  • Subclass 420
  • Subclass 461
  • Subclass 462
  • Subclass 476
  • Subclass 485
  • Subclass 488
  • Subclass 858
  • Subclass 887
  • Subclass 888
  • Subclass 890
  • Subclass 891
  • Subclass 892
  • Subclass 893
  • Subclass 988

Consider the above visa subclasses and choose the visa type that best matches your eligibility and visa requirements. Visa2Immigration has some of the most experienced visa and immigration consultants who can help you with the research and decision-making process.

Australia Work Permit Visa Requirements

If you are eyeing for overseas jobs in the land of Australia, you need to fulfil certain requirements based on the type or subclass of visa you are applying for. The basic requirements for an Australian work visa for overseas workers (including Indian citizens)are as follows:

  • You should have the required skills and experience level to apply for a nomination from the private employers and government agencies of the state and territories.
  • The job that you wish to be nominated for should be enlisted in the SOL or the Skilled Occupation List in the CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List for regional sponsored visas applications)
  • The skills required forjob visa for Australia from India should necessarily be tested and certified by skills assessing authority.
  • You should be proficient in English. For this purpose, you need to furnish English Language certification documents. IELTS is accepted for Australian work permit visas.
  • You should have good health – need medical certification in this regard.
  • You should have a sound, moral character with no criminal records or outstanding debts against your name.

For more details on Australia work permit requirements, specific to the visa subclass applied, you should contact the visa and immigration consultants at Visa2Immigration. They can guide and assist when you have questions related to how to get an Australian work visaand the minimum points required for work visas (which stands at 65 points for overseas jobs migration visas).

Australia Work Visa Process

You need to be aware of theAustralia work permit process because that’s the first step toward successful work visa application for working abroad in Australia. Interested applicants need to submit the EOI or Expression of Interest on SkillSelect, an online immigration point scoring system. Here you can fill in all details regarding qualifications, experience, age, English proficiency and likewise. For sponsored visas, the process is a tad bit different. Your employer (who is sponsoring you) must lodge a nomination or sponsorship application. Thenceforth, you can apply for the visa by referring to the Application ID (or TRN alias Transaction Reference Number) confirmed by the recruiting employer.

Australian work visa processing time

Time taken to process a working visa depends on the category of visa chosen. The employer-sponsored ones stand a chance of faster approval in comparison to skilled migration visa applications. Within the timeframe of a month, Nominated Scheme visa applications can be approved by the Immigration Authority of Australia. In a few cases, when additional documents or clarifications are required, Australia work permit processing time might extend to 6 months or even more. But within a year surely your visa will be approved.

Australia Work Permit Cost

It all depends on the type of visa subclass you are applying for. You need to check out Australia work visa fees before filing the application as the Immigration Authority of Australia makes periodic changes and revisions to the fee structures of visa subclasses. You will get online details of working visa Australia cost against the type of working visas listed on their site. The visa agencies like V2I can also help you in this regard.

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